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The Heat Recovery System 'Built' around you

We understand how important it is to consider Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery when designing the structure of a building, which is why the service we offer is designed around your project's specific requirements. From a single room MVHR unit to full scale contracts covering a whole house MVHR system, we can design, supply, install and commission. We also offer maintenance and ongoing technical support for whole house ventilation systems.

  1. Specification

  2. Once we have established your outline requirements a budget figure for your MVHR project will be prepared. Providing this figure is acceptable, we will then prepare a detailed specification to ensure compliance with Part F Building Regulations 2010 (where required).

    This will comprise BR Part F Airflow Calculations & product selection; and is based on airflow rates & any additional client preferences (brand, control options such as wireless & humidistat, summer bypass, pollen filtration, etc).

    What we need to know:
    • The size of the property (and ideally the internal volume)
    • The total number of rooms
    • The number of wet rooms (bathrooms, showers, kitchens etc)
    • The likely number of occupants
    • The nature of the project (New Build or Refurbishment)
    • Type of Construction ie: Traditional brick with tiled roof, timber frame etc
    • Number of dwellings or units in project
    • The date planning permission was granted (if applicable)

  3. Site Support and Supply

  4. To include advice for you or your installer to ensure Best Installation Practice.

    • Comprises MVHR Specification (as above) with an agreed fee for site attendance at 1st fix to ensure Best Installation Practice. A separate 2nd fix site visit can be included if further guidance is required and Commissioning & Certification can be offered at completion.

    • This service will ensure that you or your contractor is better placed to install correctly, but you will be ultimately responsible for the integrity of the work.

  5. Commissioning and Certification

  6. Commissioning & Certification for Approved Document F of Building Regulations (2010)

    • Comprises MVHR Unit programming, system balancing, digital anemometer and air valve readings (adjusting as required to meet airflow requirements).

    • Completion and provision of Commissioning Certificate.

  7. A Full Turnkey Service Comprises:

    • Specification and Draft Design
    • Installation Survey
    • Agreed Design Drawings in PDF
    • Materials Supply to site
    • Project Management and installation at 1st & 2nd Fix
    • Commissioning
    • Certification & Handover

      Note: Variations to the agreed Design Drawings may be chargeable, unless minor and easily
      rectified when installation engineers are on site

    As soon as you receive Planning Permission you can send us your drawings, floor plans, elevations and sections either by post, email, or by using our Contact Us page.

  8. Maintenance and Repairs

  9. Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. We offer a comprehensive maintenance, inspection and breakdown service throughout London and the Home Counties. This service is available for all installations whether carried out by ourselves or others and includes:

    • Filter Change
    • Valves and Diffusers cleaned
    • Heat Recovery Units cleaned and inspected
    • Check and clear condensate drains
    • Airflow Measurements checked and rebalanced

    We will undertake this work for you annually or as required.

    Whether you require an engineer to attend a breakdown or a quotation for annual maintenance, please have the following information to hand:

    • Address of property
    • Make and model of Heat Recovery Unit(s)
    • Age of system
    • Number of air valves
    • The nature of any current issues or problems
    • Contact information

    Note: We recommend that filters should be cleaned (vacuumed) quarterly and changed annually. It is also suggested that they are cleaned or changed one month after completion of any building work.
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