Coln Residential Property Ltd.

Built Environment Technology LTD (BET) has been employed as one of our sub-contractors for the last 4 years. BET have been contracted to design and commission private homes in the Cotswolds. Their team have always been professional in conducting their business both on and off site, with a good attitude to Health & Safety.

BET design their systems in house, which is a huge advantage to us and our Clients, they are happy to attend Client meetings to discuss their individual needs and requirements. We have on the odd occasion requested the assistance of BET to take over and complete an installation of a less capable contractor; BET took up the challenge and completed the project successfully.

In conclusion, I would recommend BET to any main contractor requiring their services, from design to commissioning they are helpful, diligent, and understanding of Client's needs.

Royalton Ltd.

As our appointed Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems design, installation, and commissioning subcontractor we have been pleased with Built Environment Technology LTDs professional, positive, and polite approach when working alongside, and communicating with our professional consultant and site teams. Their proactive and adaptable approach in responding to site demands has been very helpful.

They have worked on a number of our developments and have completed their on-site and off-site works in a timely fashion and at the same time provided a high level of quality and workmanship, which aligns and lives up to the high standards we set for ourselves and those that work with us.

S. Sprake

"I have nothing but praise for the Built Environment team who designed an efficient and discreet heat recovery system for a particularly complex commercial project in central London."

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